Today, I had to work very hard to contain my rather unrestrainable wanderlust. Today, I had to be smart, and logical, and all those other boring things adults have to do. Today, I had to think about how to pay for dental insurance instead of where I would be drinking next.

Today, I adult-ed. And it was terrible.

I found the most amazing deal I think I’ll ever find. $375 for a roundtrip ticket to Paris, France, and hostel rooms for $25 per night. I had to beg my parents to convince me not to do it. I don’t exactly have money, but I have over $700–and that’s all I’d need for Paris. Who needs food when you’re literally in Paris? Certainly not me.

But I had rent to pay this summer. I have groceries to buy. I need gas to get to my internship and whatever job I end up with. I can’t just go to Paris.

So instead I started planning a trip to Canada. Granted, it’s not as exciting or exotic, but it’s also much cheaper and will hopefully satisfy my need for travel just the same…or just enough to get me through the summer until I have a job that will give me enough money to go somewhere new. I miss being able to go to another country for a weekend while I was studying abroad.

Kids, don’t grow up. Or if you do, do it nice and slowly.



The sun is out with a brisk wind and I keep thinking of Portugal. I was there for all of two days while I was abroad and each day was full of sunlight and warmth. It was an amazing feeling. I was travelling from England and I had a few extra days without class Flights to Faro were €9.99. Being something of an opportunist, there was no way I was going to pass that up. I’m so happy I took that trip.

First of all, Faro is not a tourist city. Everyone and everything is local, and no one is trying to cheat you. The city itself isn’t crowded or congested, but there are people going about their everyday lives.

It isn’t on the sea, but there’s a small marina so that you can smell the freshness in the air. It smells like heaven. The sun beats down on you and it feels like summer. It was 65 degrees when I went there, and I soaked it all up. I sat by an old church in the sunlight and wrote in my travel journal.

Faro is so peaceful. There are cars and buses and whatnot, but when you walk even a little further away the place goes silent. All you hear are the birds and rustling winds in the trees. There are mini parks all over, so it’s not hard to feel like you’re not in a city at all. There’s even a park with peacocks roaming around it, as though they were just meant to sit with humans.

The shops aren’t spectacular, but that just adds a little something to the city. Instead of searching for souvenirs, you look around. I don’t want to sound like one of those hippies who doesn’t think we should have cell phones, but it is very relaxing to almost forget that world exists.

I spent a lot of time laying on a bench like a homeless person (or a whale) feeling the sun on my face. Coming from England, I hadn’t gotten a lot of sun for a few months. I appreciated every day that fell on me.

I didn’t have time to do any of the site-seeing—I was there for only one full day. But my hostel had beautiful reed blinds and light coming from all directions. I didn’t get to see the famous Bone Chapel, but I got to explore a new city. My feet were on brand new ground. Everything was beautiful. I miss it. If I could go back to any of the wonderful countries I saw, I’d go back to Portugal.


I’m an incredibly lucky person in that my parents paid for me to study abroad last fall. I got to go to some amazing places and learn more than I ever thought I would. Most importantly, for a moment, my wanderlust was satisfied. But just a moment.

Several months later, I’m saving my money for who knows what kind of trip. Any place in this world holds interest for me (except maybe Georgia, but even that has gorgeous hikes). I studied in Europe, so I was able to see England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Portugal.

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I want to go outside of Europe, whenever my next excursion is. I hoped to save enough money to join my friend on an all-inclusive Mexico vacation eventually, but after that I don’t have much of a plan.

I know I want to go to India, Cambodia, Thailand, Bali, and the rest of Indonesia. These are the places I’m focusing all of my travel Pinterest boards. At the same time, I’m planning to go to South America at some point so I can see Machu Pichu, Brazil, Venezuela, and Argentina.

I don’t know why I never feel satisfied in the place I’m in. It might be some deep, inner, psychological issue…or maybe I was just meant to travel? Let’s go with that.

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I just don’t think I can live my life in one place, in one state. I know I love my family, and I love New York, but I don’t think I could survive if I thought that this was all I would see. This is clearly a first world problem, probably for assholes who have too much time on their hands and talk too much about how “travel is my school” and shit like that. I know all of this. It doesn’t change the fact that every penny I have is probably going to go to travel.

While applying to jobs, although as previously stated I will take anything, I tend to keep an eye out for how many vacation days places give. That’s not so I can relax in my backyard or do errands that have been piling up—it’s so I can go someplace new. I’ve already said it (I think) but I’m a big fan of the Dali Lama’s quote about going somewhere new every year.

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That quote just mirrors how I feel at most times. It’s almost like I get anxious that I’m missing places and experiences. There are so many beautiful places in this world. People have different priorities, like family, career, etc. but I know that my main priority is to see as many places as possible.

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I want to enjoy my job, even love it, but it is also always going to be a means to an end. I work so I can do what I really want to be doing—exploring. I want to swim in oceans I’ve never seen. I’m always so excited just to step foot on new ground. I’ve even researched hidden gems in my own state as a more realistic goal. I don’t think I can stay still for long.

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