I am now a living cliché

I’ve mentioned before that I sold my soul to the on-campus food service company. It was kind of a last-resort deal, with the benefits being that I made money and…that was kind of it. The pay came bi-weekly, which was extremely unhelpful, and in general I smelled like macaroni and cheese on any given Sunday. You might think that’s a good thing, but after long enough, I promise it’s not.

Then, in a wild twist of fate, my card got declined at a local coffee shop. To most, this would be horrifically embarrassing (it was, at first), but it also led to kind of a great opportunity for me.

When my card got declined, the manager of the coffee place glanced at it to make sure she’d swiped it correctly and whatnot. Then she recognized my name from an application I’d sent in weeks before.

“Are you still looking for a job?” she asked, and I kind of looked at her like she was insane.

“My card just got declined…yes, I’m still looking for a job.”

“I’d like you to come in for an interview on Monday, if you’d like.”


So, oddly enough, my lack of money was financially fortuitous for me. Life is so damn weird.

I interviewed, got the job, and quit the misery that was on-campus food service. However, I am now an English major working as a barista in an independent coffee shop. Could I be any more cliché?

Honestly, I really like the job. It’s fast-paced and I can make insanely good coffee for myself now (granted, only if I bought a $1,000+ espresso machine). I also make tips, so making minimum wage isn’t a problem. I use my tips as spending money and put almost my entire paycheck into savings. It’s actually a good system, and it keeps me saving money for future adventures and adult endeavors.

Having worked in retail my entire young adult life, I didn’t know how amazing it was to make tips. I loved my clothing store job, but it did not pay well enough for me to make some semblance of a living. Now, with my very kind parents paying for groceries still, I have enough of a slight income to take care of myself in every other way.

Not to mention, this coffee place is all of seven steps from my house at school. I don’t even have to pay gas money to get there! My paycheck goes 100% (minus taxes) to me.

The job is demanding, but that also means I’m never bored. I’ve learned a butt-ton of skills in my two weeks there, and it’s nice to feel like I’m contributing to the town. I’ve loved living here, and I’ll miss it when I graduate in May.

I’m also learning skills that could help me when I graduate job-less and useless except for reading quickly. Now, I can make coffee too! What a blessing.

All in all, at least my card doesn’t get declined anymore, and my shoes aren’t covered in mac and cheese.